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Multipure MPCT Counter Top Unit


Multipure Drinking Water Systems are one of the most effective, economical, convenient, and reliable home water filters available today.

• Multipure's systems are certified by NSF to reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern, as well as aesthetically improve the water.
• Multipure Drinking Water Systems reduce MTBE, chlorination by-products, PCBs, chloramine, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals like lead and mercury, and many other contaminants.
• Beneficial minerals remain in the water.
• Nothing harmful is added to the water.
• Filters should be replaced once a year.
• A variety of systems are available to suit any budget.
• Healthier, cleaner water is conveniently available right at your kitchen sink.
• The countertop unit is portable and easy to move.
• Multipure water costs about 11 cents per gallon.
• There is a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel and plastic housings (provided that the filter be changed at least once a year), 1 year on the accessories, and a 90-day money-back guarantee!

We use a solid carbon block filter that is considered to be the most effective method for reducing a wide range of contaminants of health concern, which may be present in the water.  The carbon is compacted into a dense structure, causing every molecule of water to be forced through microscopic pores of carbon, effectively reducing pollutants.  The Solid Carbon Block Filter is a replaceable cartridge designed so that it can be easily changed.  Some additional advantages of the Solid Carbon Block Filter are that it does not waste water, there is no electricity required, it does not remove essential trace minerals that are beneficial to good health, it does not add salt or silver to the water; and it provides fresh, delicious, healthy drinking water.

MPCT Stainless steel unit that connects to your existing faucet using a diverter valve. For Countertop Use Only. Reduces a wide range of contaminants including Cysts, Lead, PCBs, MTBE, Mercury, Asbestos, Chlorine, Chloramine, VOCs and many more other contaminants of health concern.

MPCT - Stainless Steel Countertop Unit

This stainless steel model sits on the counter next to the sink. The hose and diverter valve assembly which is attached to the unit connects to your existing faucet. Countertop use only. Filter life/capacity is approximately 750 gallons.

Multipure Independent Distributor I.D. # 424627

The MPCT has been discontinued and is no longer available from Multipure’s corporate site. Fortunately, we still have a few in stock.


Multipure CB6 (D) Carbon Block Filter Cartridge



Multipure's Solid Carbon Block Filters provide safer, more refreshing and delicious water.

Perfect for the MPCT Counter Top Unit, the MP-750 SB Under sink unit with adaptavalve, and Multipure MP750 Plus Reverse Osmosis Unit.

Filter should be replaced once per year.

Multipure Independent Distributor I.D. # 424627

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