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IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier


IQAir-Air-Purifier-Logo.jpgUltra High-Performance Particle Control for Allergy Sufferers. 

The HealthPro has the same HyperHEPA particle filtration as the HealthPro Plus and can be upgraded to HealthPro Plus.

The HealthPro features the same advanced micro- and nano-particle filter technologies as the HealthPro Plus, however without the gas and odor filter (V5-Cell). The HealthPro effectively removes every type of particulate air pollutants, including all common allergens. The system has a spare compartment that can at any time be upgraded with the V5-Cell (wide-spectrum gas and molecular filter) to help eliminate gaseous chemicals and odors. This makes the HealthPro the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and other health-conscious individuals that need ultra high-efficiency particle removal with the option of later adding gas and odor removal

5yr_warranty.png5-Year Warranty The IQAir HealthPro Plus is an investment in clean air for many years to come. IQAir is proud to cover the HealthPro Series in the US and Canada for a full five (5) years against defects in parts and labor. Filters are consumables and exempt from this warranty.


MSRP $889.00

IQAir Premax Prefilter


IQAir-Air-Purifier-Logo.jpgLasts up to 18 months and capture mold spores, pet dander, pollen, and other coarse and fine dust pollutants. PreMax Pre-Filters are certified at 55% efficiency at 0.03 microns and 90% efficiency at 5 microns.

Replace at 6-18 months


IQAir HyperHepa Filter


IQAir-Air-Purifier-Logo.jpgIQAir HyperHEPA Filters last up to 4 years and capture ultra-fine particles like viruses, bacteria, and particles from traffic and smoke in an advanced nano-fiber structure.

The only filters certified at 99.5% efficiency to capture particles as small as 0.003 microns.

Replace at 2-4 years.


IQAir V5-cell Gas & Odor Filter


IQAir-Air-Purifier-Logo.jpgThis replacement V5-Cell filter maintains the efficiency of the HealthPro's gas and odor filtration. Advanced technology with activated carbon keeps your environment healthy and smelling fresh.

Replace at 1-2 years.

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